!!! GIVEAWAY !!!

The Pixies love music, and british music especially, so we made a tote bag and have it signed by all our favourite rock bands from the UK!

It took us some time to get them all, and there were a lot of sharpies involved, but we managed it!

Basically, these people have signed it:

  • all of The Blackout
  • all of Kids In Glass Houses
  • all of Young Guns
  • Josh and Max of You Me At Six

And because we’re nice people and all, we’re giving it away to one lucky winner!

The rules are as following:

  • You have to follow us!
  • You can reblog this post up to one time a day!
  • Likes don’t count!
  • The winner will be chosen at random!
  • We ship everywhere except maybe Asgard or Narnia or Mordor!
  • Keep your ask box open so we can message you!

This giveaway ends at January 30!

Have fun reblogging!


Three Way Pixies

'Little Whites'

(aka Sonja’s third work at building mini versions of people she loves)

We’ve been obsessed with The Maccabees for quite a while now (as you can see in our cosplay photos!), so I thought for Christmas it would be only appropriate to give Annie a little Hugo White and Anna a little Felix White!

I’ve made them out of tin foil, toothpicks and masking tape. For everything else, I used light, air-drying puppet clay which behaved wonderful when I added a bit of water and it was really easy to form. And then I just modelled the hair and clothes. I couldn’t be bothered to actually make hands so they just got little stumpy arms and really big feet so they’re able to stand!

I painted them with acrylics and the material luckily didn’t soak up the colour as the marzipan did before, so it all worked out perfectly.

I personally love how the La Shark shirt turned out and I think Felix ended up looking more like Ezra Miller than himself, but oh well :)